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At Top Claims, we fight by your side to assess the magnitude of the damage done to your property.

Water damage

The longer you leave a broken or leaking pipe or a roof leak, the further water damage will travel. A pipe leak under the sink, behind a wall or in the bathroom can lead to expensive and extensive corrosion, mold, and rot.


Storm and wind damage to a residence or commercial building can lead to hidden perils that most people are not prepared to handle. During that time, you may need to relocate to another residence until repairs are made. We can help determine the hidden damages so you can focus on recovering your losses.


In Florida hail is a far too frequent occurrence, especially during the spring and fall months. Hailstones can be very dangerous, and even the smallest ones can have a debilitating effect on a property. Typically, the majority of hail related damage is done to a roof. Although some roofs can withstand the hail, often times many roofs cannot, which is where we come in.


Mold resulting from flooding, a broken pipe or other water-related issue can severely affect your health and property without your knowledge. In Florida’s warm and humid climate mold is particularly aggressive causing a variety of serious health issues. It is also your property’s potential enemy since it can weaken the building’s structure as much as termites do.


Recovering from a fire in your home or business can be an overwhelming process. Even the smallest of fires can lead to a complicated insurance claim, especially when the additional damages caused by smoke and water are factored in. The majority of policyholders are not experts in insurance terminology so the claims process can often turn the recovery into a painful and frustrating experience.


The first thing the insurance company will want to establish is if the theft or vandalism truly occurred. That’s why it’s important to always file a police report to document the event. You should also take photos of the crime scene before cleanup begins. All of this will later be useful when filing your claim. Our public adjusters can help you complete the claim process.