Vandalism / theft



Determine what the best choice for you and your family is.



Evaluate the extent of the damages and determine the scope of loss.



Create a strategy that best represents your interests and helps you recover.

Common Crimes

While vandalism and theft claims are common place, they can also be time-consuming and difficult to resolve. It’s important file a police report and recant key details after the crime takes place. Consult with our team, and we will decide the best approach to take.

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Vandalism and Theft

Questions That Need Answers

Insurance companies are reluctant to pay vandalism claims and offer many excuses to avoid them. Many insurance policies contain provisions that exclude theft and vandalism claims. You will face numerous questions. Is there evidence of a break-in or vandalism? Is it possible to provide evidence that the client actually owned items that were declared stolen? What is the estimated value of the claimed items? Navigating this can be tiresome, but we can assist you in gathering the proper documentation to secure your claim.

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Choosing Top Claims

How Our Team Helps You


We take the time to explain our process and keep you updated through it each step of the way.


Our experienced team of adjusters will combine their knowledge to assist you in achieving the best results.


Our objective is to return your life to the way it was before your claim. Our accomplished team will get your claim settled for the greatest amount.
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Our Promise

We’ll take the lead and provide you solace from struggling with a homeowner’s property claim.

Insurance companies have one end goal, to pay the bare minimum possible to get you to release your claim while staying within policy and legal boundaries. Is your insurance company refusing to pay your claim? The Top Claims team will examine your insurance policy thoroughly. Our promise to you is that we will fight for you so that you are treated fairly and eventually secure the maximum sum from your claim. Contact us for a free consultation.